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    Rochelle​ Henderson

    Rochelle has always been an encourager. The past three years, however, encouragement became her passion. Her calling was clear and direct: “My daughters are broken and I need you to help heal them.” Her mission is to help all females know that they were created wonderfully just the way they are! Not only was her purpose for self-healing, but also to heal the brokenness in females of all appearances and socio-economic status. Through prayer and obedience in 2015, Created Wonderfully was birthed.


    As she looked at social media, television shows, and commercials, Rochelle realized the world marketed to females through over-sexualized images of perfection causing insecurity by comparison of perceived flaws resulting in the delusion of being unattractive. Females, especially our youth and young adult ladies, began to measure their worth through external cues versus how uniquely wonderful they were created to be.


    Through her transparency, she is helping others step into their truth realizing that you are not alone in this journey but you will have to work and you must be honest with yourself. You can’t heal what you will not face. Can you do it? Yes. Is it easy? Not always. Can it be painful? Yes, it can. Will it be worth it? Whenever you are seeking the truth, no matter how painful it may be, it will always be worth it.

    Mark 8:32 says, “Then you shall know the TRUTH and the truth shall SET you free.” She has a gift of helping you face your truth no matter how hard it may be.


    Rochelle seeks to uplift and promote positive self-esteem and self-image helping females to know and value their self-worth. Rochelle’s passion for youth and young adult women and her commitment to service is incomparable. She is a workshop presenter, keynote speaker, truth builder, and life coach and would be honored to be a part of your event.


    She is the mother of Khalal Walker and her bonus daughter Jasmine Reed.