• G.E.M.S.

    Girls Empowered Mighty & Strong

    Coming Soon! More Information to Follow!

    Sapphires: 1st - 3rd Grade

    Emeralds: 4th - 6th Grade

    Rubies: 7th - 9th Grade

    Diamonds: 10th - 12th Grade



    To encourage and empower girls and young women to love their WHOLE self.



    G.E.M.S. is designed to help our girls be successful in school and in their daily lives. They will be presented the proper tools to assist them in making the right decisions and choices. To empower them to be “Independent Thinkers” yet acknowledging the options to seek additional support when needed.


    We will provide a safe environment for these girls to be open to receive instruction while we refrain from judging them. We will teach the girls to appreciate and learn the meaning of sisterhood. We want them to thrive in who they as individuals.


    Our program is for all girls and young women, but the underserved community is our top priority.