• Our Mission & Vision


    Created Wonderfully’s Mission is to impact women and girls and to empower them with life skills and confidence to be their best selves, through educational workshops, mentorship, and development. We will give special emphasis to women and girls in underserved communities.


    Created Wonderfully embraces ALL women by teaching that through every flaw we are ALL wonderfully made. Women will learn to become living testimonies by embracing their flaws and teaching others to accept their flaws. Our flaws create who we are but they do not hold us back from who we will become. We are ALL created wonderfully and have a desire to achieve our destinies.

    Core Services

    Life Skills Training -- Created Wonderfully provides life skills that is comprised of various workshops, forums, conferences, group and one-to-one activities that allow females to experience and learn through (but not limited to) sessions on etiquette, health awareness, conflict resolution, financial literacy, personal leadership and decision making.